Dr. Alicia Gatphoh

Vice Chancellor

Message from Dr. Alicia Gatphoh,
Vice Chancellor

The ICFAI University, Meghalaya lays great emphasis on the quality of education delivered which in turn shapes the holistic development of its students. In keeping with its tradition, the University endeavours to augment academic progress and enhance the excellence of its Faculty through research and development.

The University strengthens its academia-industry interface through Summer Projects, Internships and Management theses. The industry interface gives the students an insight into the operations of industries and corporate houses and this helps them to identify where and what they want to do after graduation. At the same time, this interface with industrial units also result in successive job placements for the students.

The University acknowledges and appreciates the assistance and support given by the Government of Meghalaya towards the functioning and development of the University. The University through its Faculty, Staff and Students strive to be a testimony to what a community of smart, spirited and diligent individuals can achieve. The ongoing educational expedition of progress and development is an outcome of the dedication and team work of everyone connected with it, its stakeholders, the Sponsors, Faculty, Staff, Students and well-wishers.

The University will continue to be the source of knowledge to our people, our state and our nation.

I extend a warm welcome to all those who wish to pursue programs of the ICFAI University, Meghalaya for a rewarding career.

Dr. (Ms.) Alicia Gatphoh
Vice Chancellor