Internship Program &

The Internship Program is undertaken either during summer or in the final semester for the UG Programs and after Semester-II for the MBA Program and is faculty supervised. Kindly refer to the program structure. The Internship Program will equip the students with practical application skills relevant to various situations. It is an attempt to bridge the gap between the professional world and the academic institutions. It is a simulation of the real work environment and enables students to experience the rigors of a professional organization.

Summer Projects

For BCA, BHTM, B.Econ & MCA Programs summer projects are undertaken after the second and fourth semester and for MBA & MTA, summer projects are undertaken after the second semester. These projects are meant to help students connect knowledge with applications. It increases their practical exposure.


  • To provide students with opportunities to apply the concepts learnt in the classroom to real life situations.
  • To sensitize students to the nuances of a workplace by assigning time bound projects in a company.
  • To provide students a platform to work and develop a network which will be useful to further their career prospects.